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Polyurethane injection materials

Errotec B.V., located in Groningen in the Netherlands, is specialized in marketing, sales as well as consulting for polymers in general and polyurethanes in particular.

Errotec B.V. has a complete line of products to be used for the sealing and repair of cracks in concrete structures.

These resins can be used for the elastic or structural sealing of cracks; eventually in combination with the polyurethane waterstopmaterials, also supplied by Errotec B.V. These resins are highly recommended for areas where waterleakage is a permanent problem.

Working in the field of polyurethanes for more than 40 years we gained a reputation for reliability in consistently providing its customers with: 

* Technology
* Chemicals



About Owner and Managing Director

 Rudi Olinga (LinkedIn profile) is as MD and owner of Errotec B.V still active as consultant for the development, application etc. for PUR products in the construction chemical business in general and for injection, water proofing etc. in particular.



1961 – 1964: Chemical Engineer degree at the HTS in Groningen

1968 - 1990: Development, application and in the end also marketing and sales manager for Resina Chemie with the speciality: solid PUR materials.

1995 until today: Owner and MD of Errotec B.V. in Groningen, The Netherlands



Since 1968 working in the development/application/marketing and sales of PUR for general applications;

From 1990 -1995 as specialist for the use of PUR resins as thermal barrier in aluminium window frames;

Since 1995 worldwide known as specialist for the development of PUR materials fort he use in injection, water proofing of underground structures etc.